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Good Business Networking Practice: Beware of the Hard Sell

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The core purpose of attending networking events is to build a network of your own. Effective communication is the key to making a worthwhile connection. At any event, be it a business breakfast, open networking event your aim is to market your product, your SME and yourself. However care has to be taken.

Networking is a word that can cause some people to recoil in distaste, we've all been approached by people with the "hard sales pitch" who flash you a perfect smile and then inmediately launch into the practiced pitch to get you to buy what they want you to.
But networking is the absolute opposite of hard sell. Networking is about making valuable connections that can grow into fruitful personal and professional contacts over time. For that to happen you have to offer yourself as a valuable connection too.
The golden rule applies in networking: "Do unto others as you'd have them do to you". If you push people away with a sales pitch you may push them away from you for good.Get business networking now in Hull with BforB and find a referral networking event thyat will help you develop network marketing strategies that will work for you.


(Parts of this post were reproduced from a post by Sarah Elaine Eaton www.eaton

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