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3 Simple Steps to the Ten Minute Business Spotlight

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A regular part of BforB's business networking group in Hull  is the ten minute business spotlight. It is where members get a regular opportunity to do exactly what it says on the tin, get a spotlight for their business and develop their colleagues' knowledge of the services they offer. Quite frequently colleagues ask one another what they should do, they are unsure how to present themselves in a business networking forum where personal relationships and trust are at a premium, and where a straight forward sales pitch type presentation may not sit easily wit the BforB ethos of developing Know Like and Trust Relationships.


Over time Hull's BforB Business networking group has formed a well estanlish pattern to giving these spotlights successfully. There are three simple steps to delivering the perfect business spotlight and allowing colleagues to see the best of you and your business without falling into the hard sell.

Step 1. Tell interesting personal details about yourself. People attend BforB busines networking events in Hull to get to know other people, so tell them. Don't underestimate just how interested your networking group will be in what you may consider to be mundane details One colleague recently brought a a photo album of himself showing his life story from age 3 months to 30 years. Quite a high level of trust in your colleagues required to show your baby photos around at a Hull networking group, and it did the trick. People got to know Mike not only as a highly accomplished entrepreneur but also a person, from fags behind the bike shed at school through to the first part time job in a bike shop.


Step 2. Tell them about your passions. One member told us about his amateur rugby league career, another member told us  about family life. By sharing your passions with your colleagues you share more about yourself and allow people to see how you ended up doing what you are doing now. Most business spotlights at Hull's BforB business breakfasts seem to lead naturally from pastimes and hobbies straight to what drove them to take up the business they are engaged in. Men and women in business love to see that their colleagues are exercised by more than the bottom line when talking about their business. Saying "......and then I just happened to drift into this line of work and one thing leads to another and now here I am" just does not fit the bill. Let your personal passions sell you. One more thing for step 2, if you have overcome some adversity to get to where you are now then by all means share it.


Step 3 By now this is the easy part. Talk about what services you provide and how your business can help others. Try in this part of the spotlight talk to make about 50% of what you say educational, and the other 50% a pretty straight down the line sales pitch. The key point being that  16 % of your ten minutes or 100 seconds will be sales pitch. Having laid the groundwork with 7 and a half minutes of interesting personal stuff, you will leave your colleagues wanting more.


These networking skills can be enhanced and developed if you come along to a BforB meeting, click on the link to get Business networking now

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